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Save up to $22,950 at your own pace and benefit from a 1% remuneration(1)(1). A flexible investment, risk-free and exempt from tax and social security contributions.

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The Livret A offers you the possibility of flexible savings, which allows you to simply manage your daily cash, by depositing or withdrawing funds at any time, coming from or going to your deposit account at ASTRA FINANCIAL INVEST, to deal with contingencies or capitalize on the long term.

Accessible to each member of the family, adult or minor, it is an ideal way to build up a cash reserve or start saving for your children. You thus benefit from total freedom, in complete security.

You are an ASTRA FINANCIAL INVEST customer and wish to open a savings account A in order to benefit from a flexible, risk-free investment, and whose remuneration is guaranteed and net of taxes? Simply submit your request online.

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An ideal investment to constitute a first saving

The investment support for the projects of the whole family

The Livret A is one of the most popular products for investing your savings, building up precautionary savings or preparing for future projects. For your children, it is the ideal solution for building up their first savings.

To open a Livret A in your bank, a deposit of 10 € is enough. You make deposits and withdrawals freely, to meet your specific needs, or finance the development of longer-term projects. The interest rate on your savings is currently 1%(1).

For you, it is the assurance of having a remunerated but nevertheless accessible cash reserve, when you need it, whether it is to finance training, to offer you the leisure of a long stay in abroad, make a contribution to acquire or renovate real estate.

But it also allows you to build up savings for each of your children. The Livret A is one of the best ways for young people to be able to initiate their personal or professional life projects. It is therefore a convenient, flexible and secure investment for all your family's future plans.

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